Rethinking How We Live & Work

Our choices collectively, incrementally define our environment and our legacy - for better or for worse. Rethink curates regenerative design ideas -  Ideas inspired by recognition beyond 'sustainability' - Ideas that progressively enrich our world over time.

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Living Building Challenge

What if every single act of design and construction made the world a better place?

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Biophilic Design

Since today’s “natural habitat” is largely the built environment, where we now spend 90% of our time, biophilic design seeks to satisfy our innate need to affiliate with nature in architecture.

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Biodynamic Agriculture

Awakening people to the possibilities of regeneration.

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Sandstone Walls

SIREWALL is an insulated, engineered rammed earth wall, with the strength of concrete, that forms the basis of an attractive, high performance building structure and envelope.

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2030 Commitment

Architecture 2030’s mission is to rapidly transform the global built environment from the major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to a central part of the solution to the climate crisis.

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