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Nothing matters more than providing safe, comfortable conditions for your family, friends, and guests. That’s why we leveraged our airflow expertise in a way only Big Ass Fans could, delivering world-class comfort and scientifically proven air disinfection with Haiku. Now, the powerful airflow from our award-winning Haiku ceiling fan—already the world’s smartest and most efficient—enhances the effectiveness of ultraviolet technology by killing up to 99.9%* of harmful pathogens in your space.

  • Protect your people by killing up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens
  • Disinfect your space and stay comfortable with our proprietary combination of powerful air movement and UV-C technology
  • Enjoy convenient controls and automation from your mobile device

The fan directs invisible UV-C rays at the ceiling, inactivating airborne pathogens as they pass over the fixture. Haiku increases air circulation through the disinfection zone, cleaning your space within a matter of minutes.

Haiku’s available UV-C technology integrates seamlessly with the fan design. When activated, the fixture’s blue indicator LEDs give off a soft glow, so you can know your Haiku’s smooth, whisper-quiet operation is efficiently cleaning the air in your space.

  • 52-, 60-, and 84-in diameters available
  • Three premium airfoils of Moso bamboo or aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Ten luxurious finishes and available color customization
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
  • Built-in SenseMe™ technology for automated convenience and efficiency
  • Seven speed settings with Fan Eco, Sleep, Whoosh, and Timer modes

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