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Scientists tell us we’re nearly out of time to avert a climate-change disaster. Global warming will bring more droughts, hurricanes and other extreme weather events. It will create more food insecurity. It will force greater numbers of people to abandon their land and homes, worsening the migration crisis. It will lead to dwindling natural, human and financial resources, which in turn will lead to more poverty, the collapse of social support structures and greater political instability.

We must do two things if we hope to reverse global warming. First, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy alternatives. Second, we must draw down the tons of excess carbon already released into the atmosphere and sequester it in the soil by transitioning, on a global scale, to regenerative agriculture and land management practices.

We believe the global transition to a regenerative food and agriculture system has the power to:

  • Reverse global warming
  • End world hunger
  • Revitalize local economies
  • Enhance human health and well-being
  • Restore farmers’ independence by ending corporate control over the global food system
  • Regenerate ecological health, including soil fertility and biodiversity;
  • Promote social justice and fair trade

Our vision is a healthy global ecosystem in which practitioners of regenerative agriculture and land use, in concert with consumers, educators, business leaders and policymakers, cool the planet, feed the world and restore public health, prosperity and peace on a global scale. 

We work with multiple stakeholders in key regions of the world who are committed to building alternative food and farming systems on a regional or national level. We are currently assisting in the building of numerous Regeneration Alliances, including those in South Africa, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Canada, and in the Midwest region of the U.S.A.

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