Resysta outshines in product properties, surface & design, handling, and eco-appropriateness.

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In 1996, the Hong Kong chemist Antonio Siu discovered a new mixture of rice husks and plastic, which, when dried, shows similar consistency and appearance of wood. Together with Bernd Duna, he refined his process and the optics of the newly invented tropical wood substitute.

Resysta has thousands of projects around the world, which for years have been impressing with the unchanged appearance. That is why we can afford to provide a warranty of 25 years for residential projects, and 15 years for commercial.

There is no other man-made product in the decking and facade industry which offers a material that wasn’t changed since its conception. The positive experiences with this sustainable and almost indestructible material gained trust of home owners, designer, architects and contracters. RESYSTA is used whenever it is important that terraces, facades and surfaces look good and last long, with little maintenance.

Due to the high material density Resysta is especially resistant to rain, snow and ice. It does not swell, splinter, shrink or crack. 

Resysta differs from other materials. Lignin is the substance that causes wood to gray when exposed to weather influences. Resysta does not contain any wood components and will therefore not gray.

Thanks to certified durability classification 1 against fungal decay, RESYSTA meets highest demands in this regard.

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