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Vent-A-Hood® was the first manufacturer of home cooking ventilation and range hoods. The first range hoods were manufactured in a house with a dirt floor in Dallas, and then sold door-to-door. The owners would literally go out and make a sale, then return to the shop to make the hood for the customer. The primary ingredient in the success of kitchen exhaust hoods is Vent-A-Hood®’s uniquely designed, fire safe, “Magic Lung®” blower system. Throughout the years, range hoods have been improved, but the original concept is central to the design and remains unequalled in the field of kitchen ventilation.

Vent-A-Hood® has developed an excellent reputation throughout the ventilation industry by offering a top quality “in stock” range hood, as well as handmade craftsmanship in their “custom” hood series. Each kitchen ventilation system manufactured by Vent-A-Hood® is individually engineered for performance in addition to style. Company longevity and product quality have given the name Vent-A-Hood® instant product recognition.

Currently housed in a modern manufacturing facility, Vent-A-Hood® employs a highly skilled workforce to achieve quality craftsmanship. A national as well as an international marketing program includes an impressive roster of distributors, many of which are second generation. Vent-A-Hood® products are sold in all fifty states, as well as Canada.

Vent-A-Hood® has achieved some of the most kitchen ventilation innovative strides in the appliance industry. The constant mission to improve and innovate Vent-A-Hood® products over the years while staying true to the Whisper Quiet Technology of the Magic Lung® has given the pioneering brand a place atop the industry sporting the lowest sone rating in its class.

Meanwhile, making a quieter and more efficient blower wasn’t good enough, because the best products are also a launching pad for improvements. And years later, Vent-A-Hood® debuted its E-Z Clean™ System, improving on the performance and maintenance of the most-desirable washable kitchen ventilation filter.

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