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Browse the myriad ideas below, which we have received and accepted to our database over time to improve how humans live and work.
Living Building Challenge
Biophilic Design
Biodynamic Agriculture
Sandstone Walls
2030 Commitment
Non-Toxic Paint
Top Provider Unearthed
Green Walls
Top Provider Live Wall
Bamboo Lumber
Top Provider Lamboo
Rice Husk Siding, Cladding, and Decking
Top Provider Resysta
Mass Timber
Net Positive Energy Architecture
Construction Best Practices
Intelligent Lighting
Top Provider LumenCache
Plumbing Leak Monitors
Top Provider Phyn
Electrochromic Glass
Top Provider SageGlass
Living Product Challenge
Top Provider Porsche
Living Community Challenge
Regional Agricultural Co-ops
Pacific Northwest Sustainability
Top Advocate Sightline
Greening Deserts with Agave
High Tech Greenhouses
Top Provider Dalsem
Regenerative Ranching
Hydroponic Gardening
Robotic Agriculture
Created By Iron Ox
Regenerative Farm Map
No Till Farming
Environmental Activism
Top Provider Future Earth
Green Consumerism
Top Provider Living Deep
Ocean Health Advocacy
Top Advocate Future Earth
Zero Impact Manufacturing
Top Provider Living Deep
Plant based pet food
Climate Neutral Branding
Organized Environmental Funding
Responsible Shopping
Top Advocate Living Deep
Rainwater Harvesting
Smart Buildings
Interior Air Monitors
Top Advocate uHoo
Eliminate Toxic Materials
Ozone Laundry Systems
Earth-digestible Foam
Created By Cruz Foam
Shade Analysis
"No Wait" Hot Water
Combustion-Free Heat Pumps
Airtight Sealing
Top Provider Aerobarrier
Silent Breeze
Top Provider Big Ass Fans
Recycled Glass Insulation
Top Provider Glavel
HERS Index
Rainscreen Walls
Engineered Ventilation
Top Provider Zehnder
High Performance Building Standards
Hot Water Energy Recovery
Atmospheric Water Generator
Lightning Protection
Smart Water Monitors
High Performance Glass
Cooktop Ventilation
Top Provider Vent-A-Hood
Induction Cooking
Top Provider Thermador
Phase Change Materials
Plastic Lumber
Top Provider Holedeck
Transparent Wood
Hygrothermal Design Analysis