Resource Efficiency

In the United States, residential and commercial buildings account for 40 percent of energy consumption, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.  We can reduce that number dramatically without sacrifice or compromise of comfort, character, or cost.

Living Building Challenge
Net Positive Energy Architecture
Intelligent Lighting
Top Provider LumenCache
Plumbing Leak Monitors
Top Provider Phyn
Electrochromic Glass
Top Provider SageGlass
Top Provider Porsche
Rainwater Harvesting
Smart Buildings
Ozone Laundry Systems
Shade Analysis
"No Wait" Hot Water
Combustion-Free Heat Pumps
Airtight Sealing
Top Provider Aerobarrier
Silent Breeze
Top Provider Big Ass Fans
Recycled Glass Insulation
Top Provider Glavel
HERS Index
Rainscreen Walls
High Performance Building Standards
Hot Water Energy Recovery
High Performance Glass
Induction Cooking
Top Provider Thermador
Phase Change Materials
Transparent Wood
Hygrothermal Design Analysis